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In my new category « TRAVEL », I share the beautiful landscape from my trips. 

On the past 7 days, I have been on a boat, travelling around Europe. From Marseille to Italy then from Italy to Spain. 

« In the middle of nowhere, you can only get bored because there’s no computer, no internet, no TV or no radio. There’s nothing to do and there are so many old people » said the 'Clichés'. I am addicted to the internet and I watched Titanic a million times, so I wasn’t really exited about the idea of spending a whole week on a ship. Yet, the past week was the best trip of my life ! The weather was hot and the visits were sometimes exhausting, but travelling by boat was nothing like what I expected, and I am sure a lot of you have wrong ideas about what being on a cruise trip is. 

My friend and I agreed that, beside seasickness, a cruise trip offers one unique feeling : waking up every morning in the same room but in different cities ! It is at the same time weird, funny and kinda romantic if you are with your lover. For that unusual sensation, I highly recommend Les Croisières and I look forward to my next cruising adventure ! 

Follow my CostaCroisiere day by day via my Instagram and have a nice holiday !  


Hello guys ! 
This is Hot ; it will soon be followed by Cold. I’ll explain about Hot and Cold on my next post. It has been a very long time since my latest painting (which is The Cherry Season, by the way), as much as I like to paint, this activity always takes a lot of time. 

« I wish i could (do this or that) better » is what I often hear from some people, and the answer I always think of is « What are you waiting for ? ». I believe there are people born with the talents, and people born with the passion. The talented ones gets to do whatever they want without learning - which is not my case. If you go to my blog archives, you will find paintings that are ridiculous but I am happy they are, because that proves I have improved, and I should keep practicing to get even better. If you love painting, drawing or whatever your passion is, you just have to practice and experiment a lot. You sure will be satisfied of the evolution of your savoir-faire. 

Here are some tips that I can share as a passionate amateur of painting :


Hey there ! 
I am already on my first school break. Finally, I'll have some time to put acrylic on the canvas I bought last month ! Well, this year I will come up with a lot of graphic design projects. I also decided from now on, I will share more personal stuffs and thoughts, you will find this in the lifestyle/journal category. But for now, let me  reintroduce one of my favorite packaging project : The LECHAT BIO laundry liquid. The concept mixes the natural and the mechanic aspects to highlight the fact this product is 100% bio (even the mechanic production part). Can you picture yourself finding this packaging in the supermarket ? Would you buy this product ?


Hello buddies !
Summer has come to an end, I'm finally back to school ! I am getting prepared to have the most exiting but hard and tiring school year.
My best friend Veounette requested me to participate to a Maroon 5 Album Cover Contest. The album is called "V". I have listened to the full album and I gladly suggest you to do the same. I have been very inspired by the tracks Animals, Unkiss Me, Sugar and of course "Lost Stars" from Begin Again movie.  Based on the love songs from "V", my inspirations came from the two sides of a woman : the strong and wild part against the sentimental, beautiful fragile soul.



I was born in Hanoi but I never had much chance to get to know my city. Ten years ago, I participated in a drawing contest about Hanoi. Innocently, I named my master piece « Hanoi through the window ( Hà Nội qua cửa sổ ) ». My family used to live in the old streets of Hanoi. I remember myself standing by the window, admiring our capital city, but since I was too short, the view was mostly red roofs and blue sky. You can picture my drawing now, can’t you ?

I have grown up, get taller but my vision of Hanoi is not complete yet. I shot my friend Äahn in Hanoi, but I only checked my photographs once I'm back in France. As I opened my picture files, I decided to share my view as a vietnamese student abroad, by introducing them in a special way.